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Event Consulting

One of my first jobs was working for the University of Tennessee Athletics in their Marketing & Fan Development Department. Over the 5 years I was there I attended almost every sporting event that the university had, executing events and towards the end of my time at university producing events.


This is when I honed in on my event planning and executing skills on a real-life stage in front of sometimes 102,445 people. Because of this, I learned quickly how to become a problem solver and what it takes to create an epic event.

My Event Consulting Services


Planning your event includes developing your organization plan, creative design, and getting strategic with your event goals while preparing for the next phase. 


Now that you’ve got your event planned, how are you going to sell tickets? Event marketing brings together strategies and targeted campaigns to generate buzz and attract potential attendees.


If you need assistance at your event, my event activation services are a wonderful option. I will be on-site to be your right-hand person. I will be your assistant so you can run your event.


One of the most important parts of events is the logistics - vendor selection, behind-the-scenes operations, location set-up, and more will help you prepare for a well-executed event.


My event management services are if you’re looking for an event Project Manager. I will oversee all aspects of your event from planning, logistics, marketing, etc. so you can focus on attendees.

Follow Up

Following up with your attendees, vendors, and staff after your event is a great way to generate testimonials and feedback from your audience. My services will help you collect well-rounded data for your future events.

I truly love events and event consulting. They are one of the only ways to bring a brand to life. It’s an opportunity to take an intangible concept like a brand and create memorable event moments. I know this is true because I had this experience while I was working at events. 

Some of my favorite memories of hosting events are when kids would run up to me saying this was the best event they’ve been to with this brand and can’t wait for the next one. It’s amazing when vendors are asking to work with you again and offering you discounts on their services because they want to be there. 

I love planning events and setting up the pageantry and activities. It’s magical seeing people’s faces light up while walking into an event space that is for your brand and offering them so many wonderful surprises and delights. 

The power of events isn’t just that you can have a great PR moment, but it is also a wonderful opportunity for you to be in the same room as your audience; able and willing to listen to their feedback. Events are powerful and any budget can make a memorable one.

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My Services

With my services, I customize each and every strategy to your business and brand. You're not looking for cookie-cutter strategies, because you are a unique and bespoke brand, and I understand that. This is why I will spend so much time with you to understand your needs, desires, and outcomes for our time together. 

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