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Manifest Your Dreams in 4 Simple Steps

What do you consider your mindset blocks? Are you unsure of where you want your career or business to go? Or are you experiencing a burnout and are unsure of how to get back on track? One way to overcome this minor set back is to begin manifesting your dreams!

Manifestation is all about energy and frequency. Some dreams like happiness, joy, wealth, and so on are all considered a higher frequency than say sadness. This means in order to reach your desires, you need to match the frequency of your dreams.

1- Feel It, Don’t Just Think It

In order to become a magnet for your dreams you need to make sure that you are feeling your dreams and not simply thinking about them. You want to experience happiness with your family- feel what that is like. Is one of your dreams to be financially secure- dream about what that feels like.

Think about what your dream tastes and smells like. Can you see a certain image when you think of your dream? For example, one of my dreams is to have a successful business. I would love to be featured in papers, blogs, podcasts, etc as a guest speaker. To me, that feels like I am sitting on my couch, happy, and worry free. Once you can associate a feeling with your dream, you will be reminded of it and are more likely to reach for it.

2- Find your Frequency

Finding the right frequency for you and your dreams can sometimes be difficult. You may experience resistance. Resistance is all the blocks, emotions, thoughts, and doubts that work against you. Stop thinking that you are not worthy, or not enough! Drop the shame and guilt and begin to work towards removing any resistance that is holding you back.

I have lots of resistance when it comes to my success. I think, well am I actually good at marketing? Sure, I have two degrees in it, have had many internships, jobs, and now even my own business for marketing, but am I actually good at it? Would I hire me? All of these doubts and concerns have a negative impact on my frequency and mindset. Drop it, and learn to move on!

3- Create a Vision Board

Now that you have started to increase your energy’s frequency, the next step is to create a physical representation of those dreams. Creating a vision board will help you visualize your dreams and remind yourself daily about the dreams and desires you have. Keeping them locked inside your heart may mean you forget them.

Be positive, stay focused, and be specific when you create your board. I also like to use sticky notes. I find them so colorful, and I like the pop of color they bring to me. I also like that what is written on them must be short and sweet. There isn't enough room to go on and on, you need to be clear on what your dream is.

4- When Things Aren’t Going as Planned

Sometimes it may seem that even with all our energy and frequencies aligned, our dreams are simply not manifesting yet. When this happens ask yourself, ‘Was this something I truly desired?’ Once you do this think about the other factors at play.

There is a natural timing for everything. Maybe your desire isn’t in the right timeframe for you just yet. Leave a space for it in your life and continue to work towards its energy. Also, make sure that your alignment for your dreams is there. Make sure to go in and check on each of your frequencies, energies, to truly head down the path towards manifestation.

A personal example is my desire to live in London. After my masters, I was dead set on staying in London because I loved it. I loved my life there. I loved my friends there. I loved my flat there. I loved London. But, in January of 2020, my visa ended and I headed home... and a month later COVID-19 hit and I was so incredibly thankful that I wasn't still in London. There truly is a timing for everything and sure, me living in Europe would be awesome, but I have come to realize that some of my dreams have shifted, and that is okay.

If you ever doubt yourself, remember that we all start somewhere! You are worthy and capable of all the good things you desire. Let us know in the comments how you keep yourself on track to manifest your dreams!

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